Mirai Bot 4.11 Changelog

Sat, 16 Dec 2017 06:00:00 UTC

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I've held off on adding music to Mirai for a long time, it's not an easy (or cheap) task, but it's finally time. Mirai now supports playing music from many sources. I've got big plans for this, and they'll take a while to fully implement, so for now I'm just releasing a beta of the module. More features will be added once they are completed and pass initial testing.

Because handling music uses a lot of resources, there is a limit on the maximum number of music players. As more servers are added, the capacity will be increased. You can bypass this by upgrading a server to Mirai Bot Pro. Pro guilds are guaranteed access to a music player, and gain access to the volume command, unlimited queue, and more.

Remember to report any issues you experience so we can resolve them as soon as possible. For further reading check out Upgrading Mirai's Music Module.


Mirai's new m.map command allows you to check Google Maps for any location on Earth. You can select from four different map types: road, satellite, terrain, and hybrid.

m.map santa monica pier -z 17
A map

m.map 富士山 -z 13 -t sat
Another map

Added an OR option to m.prune

Prune is by far the most used command, so it's essential that it works well. An issue I discovered after the re-write from 4.10 it that, while we provide many filters, you often have to split them up into separate prunes. There was no way to say "Delete messages that match this or this." Because of this I have added that option.

To specify multiple sets of filters use a |. Here's an example that deletes long messages with links or invites: m.prune 200 --length 200 -li | -le 200 -i

Anime airing notification sync for Pro users

Pro users can have Mirai automatically sync their MyAnimeList for airing notifications. Now, instead of manually subscribing to each anime they're watching, Mirai will do it for them.

Catgirls (nekos.brussell.me) integration

With the official release of Catgirls nearing, Mirai now has expanded support for the site. Instead of just getting random images, you can now search by tags. You can also sort results by likes, recent, and oldest.

Easier reminders

I've found that many users get confused by the reminder creation syntax, so I've re-written it to be much easier to use. You can either be guided by prompts or enter it the old way. When you're done it will confirm the reminder so you don't have to figure out how to delete mistakes.

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Weather command update

The response image for m.weather has gotten pretty old, so I've been working on replacing it with a modern one. This new response image will also include a short forecast. You can see a WIP preview below.

See the Pen Weather Card by Brandon Russell (@brussell98) on CodePen.

More music features

The current release of the music module is very basic, but we have big plans for it. Here's some of the planned features:


Mirai will be able to run a starboard, posting starred messages in a configured channel.

Airing schedule command

Allows you to get a schedule of when anime you get notifications for air during the week.

Improved web dashboard

In the future we plan to allow you to view and edit things such as reminders, followed twitch channels, airing anime notification settings, and more on the dashboard.

Lottery update

We plan to rename m.lottery to m.giveaway and add more features to it, such as restricting it to certain users and requiring a certain account age.