Mirai Bot 4.13 and a New Website

Fri, 13 Jul 2018 05:00:00 UTC

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This update lacks in big shiny features because it focuses on the website, but fear not, because the next update is going to be big! This update was also delayed due to my work on Bots on Discord and Nekos.moe, but expect 4.14 to be released sooner now that that work is done.

New Website

I had big plans for the Mirai Bot Dashboard, but the website was beginning to age (the JavaScript ecosystem moves fast). I decided the best way to implement the features I wanted was to completely re-write the website. The new website has a clean design and focuses on being easy to use.

Most of the changes can be noticed in the dashboard. It now displays information such as votes, configured notifications, and pro details. Any user in the server can view these, and I plan to add interactions in the future. The new dashboard also has help messages inlined with the forms that explain certain options. Another feature that was often requested is the ability to enable and disable all commands at once. Outside of the dashboard there are still many changes, such as an updated FAQ and feature pages (WIP), so head over to the new website and check it out! For a quick preview watch this video:

Full Changelog

Mirai Bot

Mirai Web

Coming Soon

Music Beta Part 2

The next update will include more of my planned features for music. Here's some potential features:

Airing schedule command

Allows you to get a schedule of when anime you get notifications for air during the week.

Giveaways and Polls

The vote and lottery commands have been long due for an upgrade. I have plans to overhaul them with tons of new features. Giveaways for example will be able to specify eligible roles and minimum account age. Giveaways and votes will also be able to be restricted to a role. I also plan to allow the use of reactions instead of messages for giveaways and votes.

Dashboard Improvements

I plan to add more features to the dashboard. One feature is the ability to change your twitch and airing anime notification settings on the dashboard. Another is the ability to create and manage votes and giveaways. I can't say for sure what will make it into 4.14, but I'll try to fit some things in.


I recently launched the open beta for my new bot list: Bots on Discord. Bots on Discord is a list that intends to be the next generation of bot lists, focusing on the users while also giving developers powerful tools. I won't bore you with more buzz words, we'd just appreciate if you took some time to check out our website bots.ondiscord.xyz.

(If you do care about our story and goals check out our about page)