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I'm a Software Engineer.
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How I Reduced the Total Bundle Size of Bots on Discord by 35%

To reduce the loading time of Bots on Discord I set out on a mission to remove unnecessary code from the bundles. The results bring a massively smaller file size for some of the main pages, and a 35% reduction in size for the entire bundle.

Saturday, January 30th 2021bots on discord, dev blog, web dev

Mirai Bot 5.0 - Mirai + Megane

Over many months I've rewritten Mirai using a new custom multi-process framework, called megane, significantly increasing performance. Along with this I've made a ton of small changes and other improvements to Mirai.

Tuesday, October 6th 2020mirai, bot, discord, changelog

Mirai Bot 4.14 - Giveaways, Music, and More

Mirai Bot 4.14 brings some long-needed changes to Mirai. First, there's the new giveaway system that gives you the ability to run easily configurable giveaways in your server. Along with that, the music system has been completely re-written to be more powerful than ever, bringing us much closer to the full release. Even if you don't use those features, this update still includes a ton of improvements to Mirai.

Saturday, October 13th 2018mirai, discord, changelog, website

Mirai Bot 4.13 and a New Website

Mirai Bot 4.13 includes tons of fixes and improvements, but most importantly it includes support for the new website. I've spent a lot of time rewriting the website from scratch to build a better version. See what's changed in this release.

Friday, July 13th 2018mirai, discord, changelog, website

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Bots on Discord

A website designed to let people easily find and share Discord bots. Bots on Discord focuses on making things easy for both bot developers and users.

Mirai Bot for Discord

Mirai Bot is a popular multi-purpose bot for Discord. Mirai features over 50 commands, along with modules for twitch.tv, music, anime, moderation, and more. Over 150,000 servers have added Mirai.

Megane Discord Bot Framework

A highly-scalable framework for large Discord bots. This framework was designed to run Mirai Bot once it grew much too large for a single NodeJS process. Upon switching to Megane Mirai was able to handle more than 2,500 events per second with ease. Megane runs bots across all logical CPU cores to distribute the load, and provides an easy way to communicate and send data between processes.

Discord-related Web Tools

Libraries to help with Discord-related websites. "discord-markdown" is a modified markdown parser that emulates Discord markdown. "vue-discord" is a collection of Vue components for emulating Discord chat messages. It is intended mainly for demo purposes.

s: Short and simple link shortening

Provides an easy way to set up a self-hosted link shortener on your server.